Bettlewood EP

by Stokes Street



We formed in June 2011. That winter, we tried to record in an attic with really nice stuff; a small budget, a last-minute cancelled show, and internal turmoil led to a hiatus. In Spring 2013 we made an attempt in a garage with a single 8-track mixer, a Macbook Pro, a handful of dynamic and cheap condensers, and a nearby Wawa - only to be foiled by a fallen hard drive.

But this time, we might've gotten it right, in a basement with 6 microphones and a mixer, an old PC, a little luck, and lots of perseverance.

Thanks for bearing with us these last two and a half years. We hope you're not disappointed.


released December 31, 2013

Stokes Street is:
Steve Wilson : drums, (bass, production)
Chris Berry : vocals, guitar
Wil Glaser : guitar, vocals (bass, pre-pre-production)
Nick Gandolfo-Lucia : vocals, bass

Special acknowledgements
PB : Vocals
Logan : Ghost of vocals past, Daddy Warbucks, baritone-bass guitar
Who's Tim
Special thanks to Andrew Wilson. R.I.P. Foo-foo and Junior.



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Stokes Street Oaklyn, New Jersey

Rising from the ashes of the Oaklyn metalcore act We Were Once Heroes and the Audubon-based progressive pop punk of End the Charade, Stokes Street plays music about philosophies and feelings, and consistently refuses to die. #stokesaintdead

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Track Name: Mex
Avoiding everything,
And holding it all in, again.
Don’t worry, I’ll be okay this time around.
Debating whether tonight,
I’ll talk to you and tell you how I feel or not.
And it’s killing me – killing you, too.

The weather’s getting warmer
As I start feeling cornered.
But it’s never for the reason that you’d think.
So we’ll start getting older,
As I’m just getting over the fact:
I don’t know what we’re doing here.

I don’t know what we’re doing here.

Avoiding everyone.
I can’t explain just how I feel.
It’s killing us, killing us.

It's not of matter of who’s wrong or right.
I’ve had to deal with that shit my whole life.
Just tell me the truth;
Is it me, or is this just about you?
The air’s been getting colder (air’s just getting colder),
As I’m just getting over the fact:
I don’t know what I’m doing here.

There’s not a single place
Where I can stand and say
That I’m safe and soundly sane
With the choices I make.
(I won’t get in your way)
So I turn my cheek to all these things I hate
I won’t be burning us out or fading away.
Track Name: Hutch
And after all the things we’ve said,
I’ve turned to hear you out instead.
And after everything you said,
I’ve learned to rid you from my
Head, and I’ll just deal with it.
Yeah, I’ll just deal with this.

And every night, it starts to get darker,
And with it comes your newfound distance.
And all my friends are telling me it’s over.
They’re quoting these songs that we both once loved.

I can’t even close my eyes.
And I know,
It’s so hard to sleep at night.
Track Name: IWMSMTUIWGSTAsianmanrecords
And learn to bite your tongue yourself for once.
It’s about time you found out that
Others can’t do things for you forever.

Take your insults away from this;
Reflect a little. If you think of it, you’ll see:
They mirror your decisions and not my life,
Not my choices, not ever me.

Go ahead, having fun with all those games you play.
But if you stop for just a second, you’ll see really who’s to blame.
What’s been said has been said, and it is so long overdue.
And as for you…?
Track Name: Malachai
I’ve been sitting in the same spot for much too long.
Now it’s time for me to make you see
Some place that we can call our own.
Am I just dreaming again?
Caught up in a place where I feel safe,
Regardless of other options.

Is this just a game to you?
‘Cause I’m not one to play.
If in the end we both lose.
If we both lose.

It’s all been said and done
A thousand times before.
And yet, there’s still always something left to say.
We’re moving forward
To take this back.

I’m just sick and tired of giving a little
Just to get even less.
(Is that more than you expected?)
I’m giving up on getting my chance
with the only things that mattered.

So please, make up your mind.
I don’t know what I have to do
To show you we have nothing left to lose.

We’ve been through this over and over again.
I’m losing faith in us as “us”.
I want something different.
To take this back.

I’ve been sitting in the same spot for much too long.
Now it’s time for me to make you see
That I’m not waiting here for anyone.
(Not anymore)
Not anymore. (Not anymore.)
Track Name: Bettlewood
I close my eyes, as I roll back
These hours, to 7, when everything was easier
Than walking around this town,
Where somebody’s listening, but no one’s around.

I can’t sleep. I can’t breathe.
You were listening; I’m calling you now.
I can’t sleep, I can’t breathe.
Are you listening? I’m calling you out.

I close the door. I’m finally home,
But these dim lights lack comfort; this can’t be my own.
Streetlights, blurred vision: one with stillness and motion,
I’m obliged to attempt fixing what was always broken.

For me, an option left for coping: Your
Ways of loving yourself –
But I’m different, no longer indifferent.
You used to be everything I wanted (to be)
Now I’m everything you’re not –

The hardest part to cope with is
Learning how I can love myself
As something different. (I’m somebody else.)
You were always something I thought I’d become.
Now you’re everything I’m not.
Everything I’m not. (Everything).
Everything I’m not.